Research areas

1st area Presence and pathways of contaminants in the environment

Topic 1.1: Detection and quantification of contaminants in environmental matrices

Topic 1.2: Sources, abiotic transformations and contaminant pathways

Director: Pedro Segura

2nd area Pathways of contaminants in terrestrial and aquatic food chains

Topic 2.1: Assimilation and intracellular pathway of contaminants

Topic 2.2: Biotransformation of contaminants

Topic 2.3: Trophic transfer of contaminants

Director: Jonathan Verreault

3rd area Impacts of contaminants on the health of aquatic and terrestrial populations

Topic 3.1: Urban and agricultural environments

Topic 3.2 : Mining and industrial environments

Topic 3.3 : Nordic and other natural environments

Director: Mélanie Guigueno