• Facilitate collaboration between Quebec researchers from different fields of expertise working in ecotoxicology;

  • To provide a scientific networking environment that facilitates knowledge sharing, the development of multidisciplinary collaborations (biology, toxicology, chemistry, engineering) and synergy in ecotoxicology, both nationally and internationally;
  • Facilitate the development of environmental assessment tools to identify and manage environmental risks related to the presence of contaminants released into water, air and soil by industrial, municipal and agricultural activities;
  • Encourage the development and accessibility of analytical, experimental and field infrastructures to promote high-level research;
  • Promote advanced and rigorous training of highly qualified personnel to provide the academic, government and private sectors with a workforce capable of meeting the environmental challenges of today and tomorrow;
  • Promote the transfer and application of knowledge in ecotoxicology between the research community and the users of this knowledge;
  • To provide the scientific community, government bodies, the private sector and the general public with unique access to Quebec’s academic expertise in ecotoxicology.