EcotoQ is a group of ecotoxicology researchers funded by FRQNT, the Quebec Research Fund – Nature and Technology. EcotoQ's mission is to document the presence and flow of contaminants in the environment (water, air, soil), and to study its effects on flora and fauna. It is a unique group in Quebec, made up of experts in environmental chemistry, biology and environmental engineering. The group focuses on urban, industrial, agricultural and forest environments, lakes and rivers, wetlands, the St. Lawrence River – from the Great Lakes to the Gulf – from temperate environments in southern Quebec to the northern regions (Arctic). Our grouping directly addresses the research and environmental solutions needs of major Quebec development initiatives such as plan Nord and the St. Lawrence Action Plan. In addition to being an engine for basic research and the training of highly qualified, first-rate personnel, EcotoQ is the grouping par excellence to provide government, the public and the media with access to Quebec's best expertise in environmental contamination.



FRQNT Evaluation Committee Visit – 2018